Create Energy

Respected sir,

I would like to bring in your knowledge that sir I have really such brilliant and breakthrough IDEA.This Idea may help to change the present Energy crises and global warming senario of our planet Earth.
There are universal statement ENERGY CAN NOT BE CREATED NOR DESTROYED.

But We believe that Energy can be created by the very unique way.
We glad to bring in your notice that sir,During this thinking process we have Discovered the universal gravitational constant which we still to disclose before the world community as well we can drived mathematics formula of genius scientists Albert Einstein E=Mc^2 (Mass & Energy relation) which still not proof by Mathematically.
In this regard I need your help.


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Business Expansion Plans

Good Day ,

I have a plan to execute a bio gas plant in backward part of india and i do have an empty land but seeking further funds hence looking for a potential investors who can come on board with an option of profit share.

Please contact me further via this site  .

Book Selling

My idea is all about selling books to people around the world. I am a renowned writer from Africa. I have written a of books that has been published in various languages.