Do You Have THE BIG IDEA, What Do You Do Next?

As an entrepreneur, you first go through the idea validation process.

Idea – I can help help business owners get better reviews from their customers
Opportunity – I know that these specific industries suffer the most from not having my idea implemented today

First you have an idea, then you verify that there is a market opportunity, then you build a solution to be sold through your sales funnel.

From the sales funnel perspective, the word “opportunity” has a different meaning.
Lead – A sales person becomes aware of someone who potentially could need what she is selling.
Opportunity – the lead is evaluated to see if there is an opportunity to make money by doing business with this prospect
Closing – the solution is sold to the prospect who now becomes a customer.

New Ideas for Feedback

20071122-ideaDo you have a new idea that popped into your head, that you would like to throw out there to see what others may think?

Well, here’s your chance. This is where you can feel others out for their thoughts on your idea or even get in contact with someone who shares your train of thought and then “ChooooChooooo”, off you go down the track to success!!!!

A space for you to share your mind, use it!

Ideas For Sale

IdeaManagementSo you have that amazing idea that you are pretty sure is worth it….

You want to sell the idea as it is or for further expansion but your not into getting your hands dirty? Would you much rather sell it for a once off payoff and clear your mind for new plans/ ideas/ the next big thing?

Advertise your idea here.

Bring Your Ideas To Life!